Smart 530SA

  • Semi-automatic double-column sawing machine with linear guides

Excellent performance on a wide range of materials, for single cuts.

Smart 530 SA is a semi-automatic column-guided sawing machine designed for cutting medium and large-size section bars, ideal for blacksmiths and structural steelworks.
Also available in version: Smart 530 SA SDX that that can be used for miter cutting up to 45° and 60° on the right and left side, respectively.

Stability and precision
A sturdy sawing machine, thanks to its wide base and two guide columns, that make it ideal for quick and precise cuts on a wide range of materials.

Adjustable blade speed (inverter-controlled) and cutting speed that allow adapting the cutting parameters to a wide range of materials and dimensions.

Cutting capacity

Cutting capacity90°
500x 700

Technical data

Blade dimension5740 x 41 x 1,3 mm
Blade speed, infinitely variable20 - 90 m/1′
Band drive motor, inverter controlled4 Kw
Total connected load11 kw
Material pass line735 mm
Dimensions3665 x 1037 x 2775h
3319 x 900 x 2299h mm
Weight (approx)1900 Kg