Published on: 10/11/2021


Located just outside Milan, My Steel is a company which has been operating in the steel trading sector for around five years, but can rely on the decades of experience accrued by its technical and commercial staff to guarantee impeccable service to its customers. The company’s streamlined structure allows customers to receive quick and decisive answers to every request.

My Steel’s strength is its flexibility: the company is organised in order to provide a cutting-to-size service for all types of steel without requiring minimum orders. Whether it’s chrome-plated, forged, rolled, peeled, ground and drawn bars or tubes, My Steel can quickly supply the required quantities and lengths.



“70 % of our customers’ requests are for steel products cut to size,” My Steel’s General Manager, Luca Benzoni, explained. “Customers particularly appreciate our ability to meet these requests even for small batches or one-offs; this naturally requires a high degree of flexibility, which we are able to guarantee thanks to a fairly wide range of cutting solutions.”

Purchasing a variety of industrial sawing machines for different types of cut, however, requires investments which are not easy to reconcile with a highly customised service.  My Steel has managed to combine these different requirements thanks to the complete and varied offer provided by ISTech, a Lombardy-based company known for its automated metal cutting systems and its ability to always supply the most suitable solutions for every need.

Since its foundation, My Steel has used machines manufactured by ISTech for cutting to length which it  purchased second-hand.
ISTech sawing machines, designed to last, are generally in excellent condition even when changing production requirements make it advisable to upgrade to higher performance machines or machines with different cutting capacities. This is why ISTech takes back used machines when it delivers a new sawing machine and reconditions them to restore their production capacity.
It was precisely a set of ISTech reconditioned saws which formed the first My Steel cut-to-length station.



To begin with, My Steel purchased a Power S7 semi-automatic sawing machine and four automatic saws from the Power NC line, as well as a practical cutting system with an automatic bar feeder.

The different saws have made it possible to cut a very wide range of materials to size; as they are all flexible by nature, each of them can also switch easily from one type of material to another by simply changing the cutting parameters.

The reasonable purchase cost made it possible to quickly recover the investment, in spite of the fact that the equipment is not used continuously, due to the frequent changes of formats and materials typical of the production of one-offs and small batches which characterise My Steel’s offer.



My Steel’s turnover has grown over the years and the company has therefore discovered, like many users of ISTech sawing machines, that the equipment can become undersized for production requirements while still being in excellent condition.

For this reason, when it came to expanding production capacity, My Steel had no doubts: it asked ISTech to take back some machines which were still in working order but no longer suited to the pace of production and replaced them with other ISTech solutions.

This enabled My Steel to expand production capacity with a minimal additional investment.



Machines, whether new or used, have parts which are subject to wear and require maintenance; in this respect, too, My Steel appreciated the excellent service provided by ISTech.

“Response times are very satisfactory; action in response to requests is taken within 24 hours and solves the problem,” Luca Benzoni explained.

In addition to sawing machines, My Steel also uses blades supplied by ISTech; here too the wide range is highly appreciated, just like the expertise of the technicians, who are always able to provide advice on identifying the best blade for each particular cutting requirement from the vast range in the catalogue.

My Steel is therefore fully satisfied with its relationship with ISTech: more than just a supplier, ISTech acts as a partner, meeting its customers’ needs and accompanying them on a path of growth and development which, like this link between the two companies, is expected to continue for a long time.

For over 25 years ISTech has been offering standard and customised solutions for all metal cutting requirements. Innovative design and flexibility in manufacturing allow ISTech to create tools which can be perfectly integrated into production cycles, offering high mechanical cutting capabilities and contributing to process automation.

For further information on ISTech’s solutions you can contact the company by phone (+39 02 93548545) or email ( or visit the website: