Published on: 04/11/2022


The pursuit of excellence is a distinctive trait of ISTech, a Lombardy-based company which has been supplying automated metal cutting solutions for over 25 years. This desire to achieve the highest possible level of quality naturally applies to design and production, leading to the creation of sawing machines and cutting systems which are increasingly responsive to customer needs, but not only. The company has implemented several initiatives aimed at making the relationship with its stakeholders even more positive overall.



ISTech has always stood out for the quality of its after-sales service. Perfectly aware of the need for continuity in its customers’ production processes, ISTech takes care to ensure that any unforeseen eventuality can be dealt with quickly and decisively.
For this reason, the service aspect starts even before the sale: personalised, no-obligation consultations ensure that the machinery or plant chosen by the customer is the most suitable for the actual needs of the production process, thus minimising the risks of unforeseen events during machining right from the design phase.
Regarding after-sales service, ISTech’s technical and sales personnel are first of all reachable by telephone and in this way can clarify most of the minor doubts arising when a new machine is first used. The competence and availability of ISTech specialists is indeed appreciated by 99% of customers, as revealed by a recent customer survey.
On ISTech numerically controlled machines, further work can always be carried out by the technicians remotely, with reduced costs and very fast times.
If, on the other hand, it is necessary to replace a part, ISTECH’s careful logistics management maximises the likelihood that the required spare part will already be in the company’s extensive warehouse, thus minimising the time it takes to restore the system’s functionality.
In order to further improve the working relationship with customers, the workforce has recently been expanded, allocating more resources to monitoring the degree of satisfaction and needs expressed by customers who have installed an ISTech cutting system or sawing machine. As a result of the reorganisation, it will be even easier to convey the feedback and requirements of customers to ISTech’s design and production departments and provide them with all the support and attention they may need.



An increasingly central aspect in the management of companies is environmental compatibility; the concern for the planet has extended to all sectors, including heavy mechanics, which although it does not have a traditionally ‘green’ image is increasingly aware of its impact on the ecosystem and the importance of its choices in this regard.
For ISTech, attention to the environment is in a way inscribed in the context: the company’s headquarters is located on the edge of an important nature and wildlife reserve, which serves as a reminder of the need for a balanced interaction with the ecosystem.
Company policies have always been aimed at a rational use of energy, not only motivated by the increased competitiveness that this brings to the production process, but by a sensitivity towards the environment shared by employees and management.
With the aim of constantly reducing the company’s environmental impact, significant innovations have been introduced: a 75 kW photovoltaic system will be operational in the autumn, installed on the roof of the factory and offices. Once fully operational, these panels will lead the company to self-produce almost all the electricity it uses, for the machinery but also for the heating system of the offices, which will be renewed with the installation of heat pumps instead of traditional gas boilers. For the remainder, energy is purchased from a new supplier who certifies that it comes from renewable sources.
The light sources have also been replaced with LED lamps to minimise consumption.

In addition, a water dispenser connected to the water mains was installed in the company a few years ago to supply fresh water to the staff, who were provided with thermal flasks. This has eliminated the use of plastic bottles. Plastic has also been eliminated from the coffee machine, which dispenses it in ceramic or paper cups.

Particular attention has also been paid to packaging materials, to make the packaging of blades and spare parts easily recyclable. Cardboard boxes are sealed with adhesive tapes made of recyclable paper and equipped with paper recyclable envelopes, so that everything can be conveniently disposed of without having to separate materials. Where, on the other hand, stretch film is required, it is made of recycled and recyclable material and secured with equally recyclable plastic tapes.

These measures, combined of course with careful monitoring of the production processes to identify and immediately reduce any waste, are the beginning of a structured path for ISTech to improve its sustainability and reduce its environmental impact, which once undertaken will be pursued with ever greater determination.



Production lines are central in a manufacturing company, but the quality of working life for staff is clearly just as important.
This is why the recent extension of ISTech’s headquarters was designed and built with the need to improve the efficiency of production processes in mind, but also taking into account the benefits which the new space can offer all employees.
The acquisition of a new warehouse allowed the usable space dedicated to the company’s activities to increase by 50%, from 1600 to 2400 covered square metres.
The extension, which was necessary to meet the increased production requirements and enable ISTech to respond quickly to the demands of the market, has made it possible to allocate larger areas to staff needs: more comfortable workstations, more space in the service areas such as the changing rooms, a greater rationalisation of the spaces dedicated to breaks such as the canteen area, are aspects allowing small but significant improvements to the quality of working life.

For over 25 years, ISTech has offered standard and customised solutions for every metal cutting requirement. Innovative design and flexibility in manufacturing allow ISTech to create tools which integrate perfectly into production cycles, offering high mechanical cutting capabilities and contributing to process automation.

Attention to corporate sustainability, in all its forms, and care for the environment, in the design of solutions offered to customers as well as in production processes, are distinctive features of the company.

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