Power 820 Pro

  • Automatic chrome-plated double-column sawing machine with long index stroke for material feeding in single stroke up to 3000 mm
  • Special model with oblique cutting head, studied to cut rectangular sections

The highest productivity levels, even on the most demanding materials

Perfect blade guide control and excellent positioning accuracy.
That’s all you need to get the best cuts and the ISTech Power sawing machines can guarantee them thanks to:

  • maximum control of the cutting feed rate, which is autonomously and continuously adjusted by the sawing machine thanks to the ball screws and brushless motor
  • 0.01mm positioning accuracy, thanks to the special drive system of the index stroke. Guarantee of workpieces always all perfectly the same size

Less waste
Precise cuts every time; a certainty that allows you to reduce machining allowances and material waste (besides the subsequent processing times). A goal reached also thanks to the possibility to avoid trimming cuts.

Power XL takes care of it all
All the adjustments are made automatically by the machine; just indicate the type of material and its dimensions and the sawing machine will set all the other parameters and adjust them continuously during the work cycle in such a way as to obtain the best possible results.

Industry 4.0
With the standard 4.0 package, the Power Pro sawing machines are able to communicate with your management program, allowing you to load cutting programs and make adjustments remotely, monitor the operation of the sawing machine from your smartphone, receive remote technical support and much more.

Cutting capacity

Cutting capacity90°

Technical data

Material feed lenght, single stroke3000 mm
Blade dimension67 x 1.6 mm
Blade speed, infinitely variable15 - 120 m/1′
Cutting feed speed, infinitely variable0 - 100 mm/1′
Band drive motor, inverter controlled11 Kw
Total connected load18 kw
Material feed lenght, multiple feed99.999 mm
Index positioning accuracy± 0.01 mm
Index speed250 mm/sec
Minimum recommended sawing diameter25 mm
Material pass line850 mm