ISTech Sawing is the Italian brand of cutting high-quality tape, offers a complete service that includes: production of band saws and cutting machines , service , supply of band saws and cutting fluids.

ISTech Segatrici

ISTech offers a versatile range of band saws ranging from cutting systems for high production, small saws manuals. Wherever there is need precision, finish and performance in the cutting of metal bars, you can find the right ISTech cutting solution.


The quality of the Made in Italy

ISTech band saw machines are entirely designed and built in Italy, and offer the best of the international market in terms of sturdiness, productivity and technological innovation.

Long term value

The utmost strength and long life. This is exactly why an elephant was chosen to represent ISTech. The ISTech saw machine is an investment that will bring returns for many years, always as reliable and productive as on its first day.

After-sle service

Customer support is our priority. We offer telephone support, on-site interventions within 24 hours, remote-services and planned maintenance services. All this to ensure the highest production levels.

Unique solutions for special needs

ISTech designers have a special vocation for finding new solutions. They assess the needs of the customer and devise new ways to meet them, creating efficient and innovative customised saw machines.