Easy 261SA

Easy is a versatile series of band saws that can be used by all those who are active in production, or those who only sporadically need the most common materials machining.
The Easy line consists of three models, depending on the cutting range: 220, 260 or 300mm. Each model is available in three versions (manual, gravitational, semiautomatic).

Main features:

  • Semiautomatic cutting mode
    Also available in manual mode or gravitational mode
  • Double mitre cutting
  • Suitable for most common metals
  • Cast iron structure for best sturdiness
  • Rotating material support table to avoid cutting the machine base
  • Adjustable blade speed
  • Best price per value

Cutting capacity

Cutting capacity45°60°-45°
220x 330160x 210130x 140160x 225

Technical data

Sawband dimensions3010 x 27 mm
Cutting speed38 - 78 m/1′
Motor power0,75 / 1,1 Kw
Working height965 mm
Dimensions1905 x 660 x 1985h mm
Total weight415 Kg