If your sawing process is still strongly linked to human intervention, we can help you make a leap in quality: our automated systems conform to Industry 4.0 principles are tailored to the needs of each individual customer and designed to improve quality and processing times.

Learn how to reduce heavy and repetitive tasks and handle complex operations remotely.

Attentively designed solutions

The secret to the success of our automatic sawing systems is our focus on understanding your needs.
We start by analysing the process you intend to automate in detail, and then we propose customized software and hardware solutions to achieve exactly the result you had in mind.

Enhanced productivity, shorter material handling times.

Modularity for continuous growth

If your needs evolve, we know how to follow you along this path.
Even later after purchasing your sawing machine, we can upgrade it with automatic bar feeders and unloaders to create the automated equipment most suitable for you.

The ideal automation for any situation

With our bar feeders you can automatize the feeding line of your saw machine, boosting efficiency and productivity.
Depending on the type of work, we can propose:

  • Gravity bar feeders for cutting round bars with even diameter
  • Separate stations bar feeder designed to handle bars of varying shapes and sizes.

All bar feeders can be used to handle the storage of rest bars.

Cut parts discharge systems

The work does not end with sawing: you need to handle and store the cut pieces.
We can design for you perfectly automated solutions for communicating with your warehouse software, placing the different work pieces in the appropriate collection areas.

Beyond expectations

Our experience enables us to identify new ways to meet your needs, including even the hidden, underlying ones, and create machines that will simply amaze you due to their performance and innovation.

Discover our custom solutions: in just one click!

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