Automatic sawing systems

If your needs go beyond just cutting metals, we can meet them with tailored solutions: from adding bar feeders and solutions for storage and handling of cut parts to the design of complex systems that conform to Industry 4.0 standards, we can provide the most suitable answer to your requests.

Band sawing machines

From manual sawing machines for simple structural works to sophisticated automated dual column and numerical control machines for heavy industry, our range certainly has the cutting solution you are looking for: for bars, tubes or profiles, both new or second-hand.

Saw blades and accessories

A high-quality sawing machine deserves a cutting power enhanced with an appropriate saw blade: do not risk compromising the result of your work with low-value accessories. Choose from 13 sets of bimetal, carbide and diamond saw blades the one that best suits your needs. To maximize the service life by reducing consumption, try out our cutting oils and micro-drop cooling systems.

Panel cutting

Cutting of metal sandwich panels has no secrets for us: we have been specializing in this for over twenty years. Whether it’s your day-to-day activity or an occasional event, we have the right solution, in-line for continuous cutting or off-line. It can, of course, be accessorized with the right blades: the special design of the ISO-CUT blades makes them ideal for this type of processing.

Used machines

Our sawing machines are designed to last: if production needs change and a company decides to replace them, they are usually still in excellent condition and have a very long service life ahead. For this reason, we propose our used machines: an excellent opportunity to try solutions with quality greater than budgeted, while respecting the budget constraints.