Published on: 21/06/2021

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ISTech, a company based in Lombardy which has been providing automated metal cutting solutions for over 25 years, is producing a series of video tutorials called ISTech Academy. We discussed the project with Alessandro Rescaldani, Managing Director of the company.

How did the idea of creating video tutorials originate?
From our experience in the company we have learned that metal cutting is never a trivial matter: there are a wide variety of materials and processes, the combinations which may arise are countless and the possibility of encountering an unexpected situation always exists. On these occasions there is not always an expert at hand to ask for advice, although it would certainly be helpful. This is why we have created the ISTech Academy videos: support available 24 hours a day, all year round, to provide practical help to those who deal with metal cutting on a regular or occasional basis.

What are these videos like?
They are practical guides in pictures, designed to provide users with all our experience. We have taken care to make the videos clear and easy to follow, so that doubts about the use of metal cutting saws can be easily addressed and any minor difficulties overcome in the best possible way. The captions are essential and simple, and the images show the different steps to follow in order to carry out the operations described fluently and with particular attention to safety.

Which were the first videos made and how will the series continue?
We have started, by popular demand given the large number of questions we have received on the subject, with a video on changing blades. The video shows how to proceed to change the blade quickly and smoothly, avoiding the most common difficulties.
Also based on the most frequent questions we receive from our customers and the particular cases in the metal cutting business which most often give rise to requests for advice or intervention, we have made two videos to be published soon on sawing machine installation (also useful when you need to move the machine) and routine maintenance, which shows the simple operations to be carried out to keep the sawing machine in the best working condition.
We also plan to make videos on solving the problem of crooked cuts, the correct choice of blades, setting the cutting parameters, the precautions to be taken when cutting different materials, and much more, but the work plan is flexible: it also depends on the requests we receive, which we will be happy to turn into ideas for the creation of new videos as far as possible.

What were the first reactions to the initiative?
The high number of views of the video and the positive comments received from our professional stakeholders lead us to want to continue this investment, convinced that our support for good practice in the metal cutting business will be increasingly appreciated.

How is it possible to keep up to date with the release of new videos?
The easiest way is to subscribe to our YouTube channel, by clicking on the “subscribe” button on our youtube page or to our newsletter, via the form on our website, in order to keep up to date with the latest news in the metal cutting segment and of course not to miss the new ISTEch Academy videos.

For 25 years ISTech has been offering standard and customised solutions for all metal cutting requirements. Innovative design and flexibility in manufacturing allow ISTech to create tools which integrate perfectly into production cycles, offering high mechanical cutting capabilities and contributing to process automation.

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