A NEW WEBSITE FOR ISTECH (Italian version published by ilprogettistaindustriale.it, June 3rd, 2021)

Published on: 15/06/2021

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A NEW WEBSITE FOR ISTECH (Italian version published by ilprogettistaindustriale.it, June 3rd, 2021)

ISTech, a company based in Lombardy which has been providing innovative metal cutting solutions for over 25 years, has a new website with updated graphics and content.

Designed with the needs of ISTech’s professional contacts in mind, it makes it easy to find information about products, applications, support and other interesting aspects of the company’s activities.



The site is bilingual (Italian and English) to meet the demands of foreign customers, who are increasingly numerous: exports have now reached 50% of turnover. Visitors can use the practical navigation menu at the top of the page to move between the different sections of the site.

They can choose to discover the origins and activities of the company in the AboutUs section or find all the contact details of the various people in the company in the Contact Us section; in this section there is also the Work With Us page, to check if there are any open personnel searches or to inform the company directly about your availability for a professional collaboration.



It is of course possible to browse through the solutions offered by ISTech for all metal cutting requirements by navigating in the Products section  nd discovering the wide range available, from customised plants integrating advanced automation systems, to the wide range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual band saw machines up to panel saws, a particular market niche.

For those who are looking for a second-hand sawing machine, this section also provides the contact details to find out about all the used but fully functional products available.

The section is completed by the page dedicated to blades and accessories, which illustrates the wide range of band saw blades (bimetallic, carbide and diamond) and panel cutting blades offered by the company, all compatible with sawing machines of other brands, as well as solutions for lubrication and cooling, from lubricants to systems for applying them efficiently and without waste: a very wide overview perfectly complemented by the expertise of ISTech technicians, always available to provide free and non-binding advice on the ideal type of blade for each material and process.



Consulting is one of the services offered by ISTech, whose many aspects are described in the appropriate section of the website. Here you will find details of technical support, preventive maintenance programmes (“PitStop Assistance”), remote assistance, the wide range of spare parts available in stock or available without long waiting times and the revamping option to refurbish systems which are no longer state-of-the-art but still able to make a useful contribution to production efficiency with minor modifications.



The News section allows you to find updates regarding the world of metal cutting, in the form of news from the company or descriptions of recent application cases at ISTech’s main customers. In the News section you can also find the page to subscribe to the ISTech newsletter, the most convenient way to be always updated on the news of the segment, without having to look for them but having them delivered to your e-mail address.

For 25 years ISTech has been offering standard and customised solutions for all metal cutting requirements. Innovative design and flexibility in manufacturing allow ISTech to create tools which integrate perfectly into production cycles, offering high mechanical cutting capabilities and contributing to process automation.

For further information on ISTech’s solutions please contact the company by phone (+39 02 93548545) or email (info@istech-segatrici.com) or visit www.istech-segatrici.com/en/