Published on: 10/11/2022


Siderurgica Dall’Era SpA is based near Brescia, in the heart of Italy’s metallurgical district. For more than 40 years, the company has been supplying the mechanical and plant engineering industry, carpentries and retailers throughout the country and in various foreign markets.

Competence and reliability are at the foundation of the long history of success of this concern, which is appreciated for the speed of deliveries, the excellence of the materials supplied, the wide range of products on offer and the timeliness and precision of its customised cutting and machining services.



Precisely to meet the growing demand for cutting to size, Siderurgica Dall’Era introduced a new band sawing machine for steel profiles, particularly suitable for cutting beams. The choice of the supplier was not particularly complex: by asking other companies operating in the sector, Siderurgica Dall’Era was immediately advised to contact ISTech, a company which has been providing innovative metal cutting solutions for over 25 years.

ISTech’s technicians and sales team, drawing on their experience, immediately understood Siderurgica Dall’Era’s requirements and were therefore able to identify the ideal solution, which, as is often the case with machinery to be used for complex processing, was realised with a certain degree of customisation.

The system delivered to Siderurgica Dall’Era is actually an automatic band sawing machine on columns which can feed the materials to be cut up to 3000 mm in a single movement. Alongside this feature, common to ISTech’s Power XL saws, there is an inclined arc, specifically designed for cutting rectangular sections.

Thanks to the combination of these properties, Siderurgica Dall’Era’s new sawing machine makes it possible to achieve the highest levels of productivity even when cutting profiles: the feed rate is regulated autonomously by the sawing machine, while the extremely precise positioning makes it possible to avoid wasting material. In addition, the vertical vice allows even large bundles to be cut.

The cutting parameters are set automatically by the machine and adjusted continuously to optimise performance.



“The introduction of an automatic machine with very robust and powerful vertical feed vices allows us to achieve a cutting capacity practically twice as high compared to more traditional solutions,” Ornella Tognoli, Sales Manager of Siderurgica Dall’Era, explained. “The machining operations we carry out require considerable power and at the same time great precision: the ISTech machinery manages to combine these two aspects to perfection”.
The solution designed by ISTech for Siderurgica Dall’Era avoids the trimming cuts of the beams; the split front vice limits the surplus of the profile as much as possible. The outlet of the chip conveyor, located at a height of one metre, allows the machine to work uninterruptedly for many hours without the need for operator intervention.



For Siderurgica Dall’Era, plant reliability is fundamental: machine downtimes and unforeseen production interruptions, besides implying a tangible loss, would set an unpleasant precedent for a company accustomed to offering impeccable service to its customers.

This is why the company has been able to appreciate a similar customer service attitude from ISTECH: “support has always been excellent,” Ornella Tognoli explained, “and this is another reason for which we are satisfied with our purchase”.

Siderurgica Dall’Era therefore joins the list of successful companies who have found in ISTech a valuable partner, helpful and attentive, able to provide tailor-made solutions and services to help optimise production processes.

For over 25 years, ISTech has offered standard and customised solutions for every metal cutting requirement. Innovative design and flexibility in manufacturing allow ISTech to create tools which integrate perfectly into production cycles, offering high mechanical cutting capabilities and contributing to process automation.

Attention to corporate sustainability, in all its forms, and care for the environment, in the design of customer solutions as well as in production processes, are distinctive features of the company.

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