ISTECH DOESN’T STOP AT PRODUCTION: DISCOVER THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT (Italian version published by ammonitore, marzo 2022)

Published on: 20/09/2021

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ISTECH DOESN’T STOP AT PRODUCTION: DISCOVER THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT (Italian version published by ammonitore, marzo 2022)

In the metal cutting segment, ISTech is known for its standard and customised solutions to meet all quality metal cutting requirements.
Sawing machines and cutting systems are designed and manufactured to last, but although the need for service is not a frequent occurrence for ISTech buyers, the company knows how important it is to respond quickly and effectively in such cases.

The multiple options for assistance
Service is not just about maintenance in the fortunately rare event of a fault: there are many occasions when a customer may require help from the manufacturer. Clarification of the operation or potential of a newly purchased sawing machine, advice to identify the most suitable model for production requirements or to design a customised solution, a suggestion on the type of blade to be used for a specific process or material: on these occasions the support of an expert is certainly useful.
The willingness of the technical and commercial staff to provide information and advice without obligation in these situations is one of the factors that has determined the company’s success.

Efficient maintenance
ISTech knows the metal cutting industry very well and understands how important reliability and continuity in production are: if maintenance is required, the company’s staff act quickly, wherever the machinery is located.
ISTech’s telephone support is often able to solve minor problems remotely.
ISTech also runs tailor-made training courses to enable its customers’ staff to get the most out of their machines.
A recent customer survey showed that 99% of ISTech’s customers are very satisfied with the technical support service: this is due to the proven competence and relational skills of the company’s technical and sales staff.

Preventive maintenance and remote assistance
Experience shows that preventive maintenance minimises downtime and the consequent losses in terms of productivity and image: a scheduled intervention prevents damage before it occurs, at a much lower cost than repair.
ISTech offers different service packages, tailored to the actual needs of the company, in order to minimise interference with production plans.
ISTech’s numerical control systems also offer the advantage of remote assistance: the intervention can be carried out by ISTech technicians directly from the company’s premises, with reduced costs and very fast times.

Machinery always in top shape
ISTech’s experience with sawing machines has enabled the company to identify the parts most subject to stress and most likely to require replacement, but it does not neglect parts with less rotation or components from older models: all of these are present in an appropriate quantity in the large warehouse. The efficiency of the logistics system means that the spare parts required can be delivered quickly.

If your plant or machinery is still working perfectly but is becoming inadequate to the changing needs of production, it may not be necessary to replace it, but a revamping operation might be sufficient: ISTech makes its expertise available to refurbish existing machinery to meet the new requirements, with considerable cost savings.

ISTech is also a reliable partner in terms of assistance, able to follow customers over time and guarantee them constant operation of their machines with excellent levels of efficiency.

For over 25 years ISTech has been offering standard and customised solutions for all metal cutting requirements. Innovative design and flexibility in manufacturing allow ISTech to create tools which integrate perfectly into production cycles, offering high mechanical cutting capabilities and contributing to process automation.

For further information on ISTech’s solutions you can contact the company by phone (+39 02 93548545) or email ( or visit the website