Your sawing machine deserves a saw blade that enhances its cutting ability. An average saw blade installed on a high-quality sawing machine is like an artificial flower: the result is poor, when just a little additional effort would have been enough to make the most out of it.

Band saw blades

Bimetal band saw blades

Choose from the seven bimetal saw blades in the catalogue the one that is most suitable for your needs, be it for cutting bars made from common materials, tubular and profile, or difficult materials, up to the hardest and most resistant steels. All characterized by:

  • sturdiness and versatility
  • efficiency and speed
  • ability to create excellent finishes

Diamond blades

Ideal for glass and marble, our blades with abrasive tungsten carbide or diamond cutting edge are available in different sizes, to always obtain precise cuts even with the most difficult materials.

Blades to cut sandwich panels

The sawing of sandwich panels requires special cares: our ISO-CUT blades are the ideal solution for these materials, thanks to the special conformation that ensures

  • excellent finishes
  • high speed
  • resistance and flexibility

Band saw blades ISO-CUT

Thanks to the special blade geometry and the positive rake angle, the Iso-cut blade is the best choice to cut sandwich panels.


  • best cutting finishes thanks to the sinusoidal alignment;
  • positive rake angle for good cutting speed;
  • cobalt and molybdenum alloy to ensure strength and flexibility..


20 x 0,96-108108-1210-1414
27 x 0,96-108108-1210-1414
34 x 1,16-108-12
Band saw blades ISO-CUT

Olis, Microlubricators and Conveyors

Would you risk to reduce the performance of your saw blade and machine with low quality lubricants or inefficient application systems?

Your cutting system deserves the best: discover our innovative micro-lubrication system and choose the most suitable oil.


Practical complement to facilitate cutting operations, our roller conveyors can be equipped with collection plate for the lubricating liquid, manual measuring stops and connecting plates between the rollers.


AZ 2500 (coolant for microlubricators)

It’s specific for microdrops or nebulized cooling lubricant systems and has high lubricating and anti-welding properties.

During the cutting the oil evaporates, so the bar keeps dry.


AZ 2500 (coolant for microlubricators)

Relubro Coolant

It is a high performance lubricant, which forms a very strong molecular coating on the cutting surface of the tool, extending its life.

It can be used for cutting, drilling, threading, milling and grinding operations, on the following materials: steels, aluminum, titanium, cast iron and other ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Relubro Coolant

MISTECH Microlubricator

MISTECH is a micro-lubrication and cooling equipment that offers great advantages:

  • A healthy and clean working place
  • No costs to dispose of exhausted emulsions
  • Greater life of your saw

Mistech can be applied to all saws, even already in use.

MISTECH Microlubricator