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Power 430XL

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Power XL band saw machines gives you the best productivity, power and accuracy when cutting very long parts. These machines are provided with an Xtra Long index stroke and can cut pieces up to 2000 or 3000 mm long, clamping the bar just once.

Dual column head feed design offers a superior tool rigidity and cutting tolerance cutting every kind of materials.

Power XL band saw machines are designed to cut also with tungsten carbide blades, improving finishing and reducing cutting time.

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Main constructive characteristics

  • Single index stroke: 2000 or 3000 mm. For fast and reliable material positioning.
  • PLC machine logic with touch screen HMI interface and possibility of remote service engineers, to reduce service time and costs.
  • Double round chrome plated guiding column, for superior tool rigidity and cutting tolerance.
  • Index movement on linear ball bearings, powered by brushless motor for a fast and accurate material positioning up to 0,01mm.
  • Material step feeding. Index shuttle moves to the rear position and automatically feeds multiple lengths. This solution allows to reduce cycle time and cutting tolerances.
  • Material libraries with pre-set cutting parameters for an easy machine use.
  • Head automatic repositioning at each cut start, to reduce cutting time.
  • Automatic band tensioning to assure an always right tension of the blade.
  • Automatic positioning band guide for always straight cuts.
  • Hardened, ground, anti-wear steel plates on all work clamping surfaces.
  • Band speed adjustment by inverter.
  • Powered band cleaning brush and automatic chip conveyor to remove chips from the machine.


All Inclusive Packages

To choose the best configuration for your Istech Power cutting centre

for cutting heavy materials, such as stainless steels and alloys with a high nickel content, with hard metal blades
for steel deposit and dealers of general steel products. Includes all you need to cut with the best peak performance, even in bundle
the best possible technology for cutting aluminium at very high speed.
Full-optional package, designed for those who demand the most from their sawing machine, under any cutting conditions.

Cutting capacity


Power 430XL



Technical features


Power 431XL

Cutting capacity mm 430
Blade dimensions mm 5450x41x1.3
Blade speed m/1' 15-120
Blade motor power Kw 5.5
Total connected load Kw 13
Material feed lenght mm 2000-3000
Material lenght, multiple feed  mm 99.999
Index positioning accuracy mm ± 0.01
Index speed (max) mm/sec 250
Minimum sawing diameter mm 25
Material pass line mm 800
Weight (approx.) Kg 4300-4800
Overal dimensions mm 2520x4000-5000x2500h