Oils and Microlubricator

MISTECH Microlubricator

MISTECH is a micro-lubrication and cooling equipment that offers great advantages:

  • A healthy and clean working place
  • No costs to dispose of exhausted emulsions
  • Greater life of your saw

Mistech can be applied to all saws, even already in use.



It is a high performance lubricant, which forms a very strong molecular coating on the cutting surface of the tool, extending its life.

It can be used for cutting, drilling, threading, milling and grinding operations, on the following materials: steels, aluminum, titanium, cast iron and other ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

AZ 2500 (coolant for microlubricators)

It’s specific for microdrops or nebulized cooling lubricant systems and has high lubricating and anti-welding properties.

During the cutting the oil evaporates, so the bar keeps dry.