Band saws for non continous production process

Le segatrici ISTech VLN sono realizzate appositamente per il taglio dei pannelli sandwich in lamiera-poliuretano-lamiera.


ISTech VLN high speed sandwich cutting band saws are designed to cut steel sandwich panels. VLN is a unique in the market sandwich panel cutting solution

VLN for “CONTINOUS PRODUCTION” PROCESS are dedicated to panel’s producers and manufacturer of equipments for polyurethane business.ità.

ISTech VLN is the correct solution for your panel cutting because:

  • VLN is the only machine that guarantees a fast & clean cut.
  • VLN is the only machine that automatically deburr the lower metal sheet layer by mean of its deburring tool.
  • VLN assures a low operating cost with its very quick cutting time (less than 4 seconds to cut one panel) e thanks to the long blade life.
  • VLN will reduce customer complain for ruined panel during cutting operations or for crooked cuts.
  • VLN make the return cut allowing extremely reduced cutting time.