ISTech Easy 261M is a manual and easy to use band saw machines perfect for fabricating business and for those cutting sporadically large diameters “easy to cut” materials.

Thanks to its sturdiness and the mitre cutting capabilities, it’s a quick and versatile machine.

Main constructive characteristics

  • Manual cutting cycle and mitre cutting capacity 45° left – 60° right side.
  • Sturdy machine base built with fabricated steel plates
  • Head pivoting shaft on tapered adjustable roller bearings
  • Band drive with 2 speed electrical motor and special reducer with bronze gear tempered and ground worm screw
  • Rotation of the working plane, to avoid to be cut by the blade
  • Appropriately dimensioned flywheels
  • Strong band guides with tight stress-raiser bearings and adjustable widia tips
  • Vice with device for quick approach
  • Wide rotating material support table
  • Accident-preventing devices on the flywheel casing, on the control handle and on the table
  • 24Vdc controls
  • Adjustable stop for cuts of the same size


  • Roller conveyors (in the images, an example of configuration)
  • Single-phase motor 75 m/1′
  • Pneumatic clamping vice
  • Hydraulic brake for controlled head feed
  • Speed variator from 20 to 90 m/1′

Cutting capacity

Easy 261M

45° 60° -45°


260 215 130 225


250 200 130 210


220×330 160×210 130×140 160×225


Technical features

Easy 261M

Blade dimensions mm 3010×27
Blade speed m/1′ 38/78
Blade motor power Kw 0,75 – 1,1
Weight (approx.) Kg 365
Overal dimensions mm 1760x1265x1985