ISTech Easy 221M is a manual and easy to use band saw machine, perfect to cut quickly small sections and for those who are cutting  “easy to cut” materials.

Thanks to its sturdiness and the mitre cutting capabilities, it’s a quick and versatile machine.

Main constructive characteristics

  • Manual cutting cycle and mitre cutting capacity up to 0° – 60° right side.
  • Sturdy machine base built with fabricated steel plates
  • Head pivoting shaft on tapered adjustable roller bearings
  • Band drive with 2 speed electrical motor and heavy duty high efficiency worm gear reducer
  • Large casted band wheels
  • Band guide with ball bearings and carbide inserts
  • Mechanical band tension and limit switch for band breaking control
  • Fast clamping manual vice
  • Full safety equipment
  • 24Vdc controls
  • Workstop measuring device


  • Single-phase motor 64 m/1′

Cutting capacity

Easy 221M

45° 60°


220 160 100


215 150 85


155×250 110×160 80×95


Technical features

Easy 221M

Blade dimensions mm 2450 x 27
Blade speed m/1′ 32/66
Blade motor power Kw 0.75/1,1
Weight (approx.) Kg 220
Overal dimensions mm 1570 x 920 x 1745h