ISTech sawing machines of the NC Power line have been designed for those looking for the highest productivity levels, even when cutting hard materials, such as superalloys, stainless steels, tool or mould steels.



  • Great strength. For a clean cut in the absence of vibrations and a prolonged life of the blade.
  • Great performance in cutting the most though materials.
  • Great reliability and value over time.
  • Great versatility. Adapt the machine to the most specific cutting needs


  • Material step feeding
  • Rapid approach of the blade and limited ascent of the cutting head
  • No bar trimming cuts
  • Fast movement of the feed shuttle (up to 200 m/sec)
  • Extremely contained bar rest-end


  • Cutting head movement on chrome guide columns that make the machine more rigid and powerful
  • Shuttle positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm
  • Cutting head moved by linear ball screw
  • Automatic positioning of the blade guide, reducing the risk of deviation of the blade.


  • Simple and intuitive touch-screen operator panel
  • Always correct cutting parameters thanks to the MATERIAL LIBRARY
  • The machine performs all settings automatically
  • Quick and easy blade change


Cutting capacity

Power 530NC




530 x 530


Technical features

Power 530NC

Cutting capacity mm 530×530
Blade dimensions mm 7.450×54 (o 67)x1.6
Blade speed m/1′ Variabile 20 -100
Blade motor power Kw 7.5 / 11
Hydraulic power motor Kw 2.2
Coolant pump Kw 0.37
Single automatic index stroke mm 500
Weight (approx.) Kg 5.500
Overal dimensions mm 4500x2400x2600h
Index positioning tolerance mm ± 0,01