ISTech Easy 301A is an automatic and easy to use band saw machine.
Thanks to its sturdiness and the mitre cutting capabilites (up to 60°), ISTech Easy 301 A is a quick and versatile machine.

Main constructive characteristics

  • Automatic cutting cycle (with also manual cutting mode)
  • Mitre cutting capacity up to 60° on the right, and -45° on the left
  • Sturdy machine base built with fabricated steel plates
  • The equipment is supplied with 9 programs, each of them with 99 steps for a total of about 90 cutting positions with relevant piece-counter
  • Two band speeds
  • Appropriately dimensioned flywheels
  • Step by step hydraulic feeding without lenght limit
  • Digital control of quality and cutting lenght
  • Hydraulic jack with with adjustment of cutting pressure
  • Band stretching is obtained by electro-mechanical blade tensioner with microswitch
  • Band cleaning brush
  • Feeding material stroke: 600 mm


  • Speed variator from 20 to 90 m/1′
  • Minimal lubrication system
  • Hydraulic vertical hold down vice
  • Roller conveyor

Cutting capacity

Easy 301A

-45° 45° 60°


300 180 265 130


290 160 265 130


290×320 110×160 220×220 130×130


Technical features

Easy 301A

Blade dimension mm 3200x27x0,9
Blade speed m/1′ 38/77
Blade motor power Kw 0,9-1,6
Weight (approx) Kg 960
Overal dimensions mm 2045x3385x1820