Published on: 11/10/2021


For almost twenty years Metall Steel has been active in the distribution of steel materials. Headquartered in South Tyrol with plants in Emilia-Romagna and Veneto, it offers a wide range of products to the main Italian steelworks and mechanical workshops, in full compliance with the most stringent international quality standards: from round bars to pipes, from beams to rolled sections, the products are available in stock to guarantee fast deliveries.



Metall Steel is highly appreciated, not only for the superior quality of its products, but also for its impeccable cut-to-size service, which is increasingly requested by customers. “30% of the requests we receive are for materials cut to specific requirements,” Mauro Morandi, the company’s sales manager, explained. “Generally we are required to cut normal and special steel or thick pipes, so it is not a particularly complex cut, but the lengths are very variable: we often have to cut single pieces or small batches”.

To cope with the growing demand for cutting to size, Metall Steel has equipped its new plant in Mancasale, near Reggio Emilia, with innovative metal cutting solutions; specifically, given the high number of requests for cutting single pieces or limited series, the company has purchased band saws, the most suitable for this type of processing.

Following a careful evaluation of the offers available on the market, Metall Steel decided to contact ISTech, a company from Lombardy which has been providing automated metal cutting solutions for over 25 years.



Metall Steel appreciated the wide range of ISTech saws and the value for money ratio of the offer, which proved to be a winner also when put to the test.

Among the numerous proposals in the catalogue, Metall Steel selected five machines: two Power 530NC automatic band saws, 1 Power 630 NC, 1 Power 670XL with 3000 mm long stroke and an automatic system with loader, unloader and Power 360NC sawing machine.

“The band saws are ideal for cutting objects with large diameters which disc saws cannot handle,” Mauro Morandi explained; “mainly used for single pieces or small batches where precision is more important than cutting speed, they give excellent results with limited waste and have turned out to be a very cost-effective solution”.



The Power 630NC sawing machines, as their name suggests, are able to cut elements with a section up to 630×630 mm; they guarantee positioning precision in the order of a hundredth of a millimetre. Cuts are always accurate and perfectly repeatable; material waste is drastically reduced, thanks to the possibility of avoiding end cuts and to the frontal vice which limits bar surplus to the maximum.

Fully automatic, once the type of material and length have been indicated, the sawing machine sets the parameters, adjusting them during cutting to optimise performance. Maintenance is remote thanks to ISTech teleservice.

The Power 670XL saws not only offer all the advantages of the Power 630NC, but also have a particularly long loading stroke, allowing bar or pipe feeds of up to 3000 mm in a single pass.

All ISTech saws purchased from Metall Steel are equipped with practical and versatile vertical vices which do not require any tooling or adjustment, so they can also cut bundles of bars as easily as they can manage single bar cuts.



The cutting plant created by ISTech for Metall Steel allows loading the bars in sequence and unloading the cut pieces even without the presence of an operator; it can therefore work on three shifts. This plant can also be monitored remotely: ISTech teleservice is available for any requirement, an aspect much appreciated by Metall Steel.

Like Metall Steel, ISTech considers service to be a fundamental aspect of the business, which most differentiates and characterises the relationship with the customer. The convenience of teleservice and fast problem solving are important for a company like Metall Steel, avoiding downtime and ensuring business continuity and on-time deliveries.

For 25 years ISTech has been offering standard and customised solutions for all metal cutting requirements. Innovative design and flexibility in manufacturing allow ISTech to create tools which integrate perfectly into production cycles, offering high mechanical cutting capabilities and contributing to process automation.
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